Non-disclosure Confidence

WTF Computer Service features a full non-disclosure confidentiality agreement in regard to the contents of your computer drive(s). There are things the world is better off not knowing, and the contents of your computer are just that: yours. This means we will never sell or donate your information (name, email, address, phone number) or discuss the contents of your PC with anyone but you.

Liability Waiver

WTF Computer Service is not responsible for unrelated hardware malfunctions that occur while your machine is under our watchful eye. If your hard drive fails during a routine virus removal then it was probably very old or had manufacturer defects. In the rare chance such a thing were to occur we would be happy to install replacement hardware at the cost of the components.

However, if your machine is scheduled for a RAM upgrade and we snap a capacitor off the board in the process we will take financial responsibility for the incident, and pay for and install the replacement hardware. It is extremely unlikely that this will ever happen, but if it does you can have confidence that WTF Computer Service will make things right.

No-charge Guarantee

If WTF Computer Service can't fix your problem then our time is FREE. You read correctly; you are nothing out if your problem, once identified, isn't resolved within a reasonable frame of time. Storage and mileage charges may still apply, but the labor fee is waived.