All prices are static (flat rate) unless otherwise noted. This way you know what you're getting into ahead of time.

General Maintenance: $85
Includes the standard removal of virus, spyware, and malware; registry tune-ups, and physically maintaining your PC (cleaning, removing dust, etc); in addition to fixing whatever specific problem you may have. If you are experiencing computer crashes or slow PC response time, WTF Computer Service can help.
Upgrade Labor: $65 (+ cost of components, if applicable)
Have a new piece of hardware you need installed? Or just want to buy one through WTF Computer Service and have it put in? We can also include General Maintenance with the upgrade as a package deal of $115 (+ cost of components, if applicable).
Networking: $75 (stand-alone price)
Networking does not include general maintenance, nor the cost of storage. As such, you will not receive the general maintenance services. Networking may also include a small mileage fee, depending on the length of travel.
Custom Built PC: $100 + cost of components.
Whether you've had it with your old machine or just feel like it's time for a change, WTF Computer Service can build a computer to suit your needs. Once your budget has been set we will pick out the parts and send you a quote (quotes are usually accurate within $50).
After payment has been made the parts will be ordered, shipped, and your computer assembled, including any special software or hardware you have requested and provided. The entire process can take up to two weeks once the green light has been given. Please fill out the Custom Computer Contact Form to begin.