Tech Support

Nobody likes waiting on the phone, on hold, for ages while a "tech" tries to help you fix your computer. Every computer configuration is potentially different and those minor differences can present any number of alternate solutions. For this reason WTF Computer Service prefers hands-on support. You don't have to set aside time in your day to be on the phone and we can immediately diagnose and fix the problem, quickly.

Give us a call or fill out the Computer Repair Request Form with any information you can provide in relation to your computer problem (steps taken to recreate the problem, etc). Stay in the know with WTF Computer Service; we will keep you up to date on the progress of your machine, whether it needs new parts, and when it will be available for pick-up.

The List

If you're one of those who are comfortable tinkering with your computer, WTF Computer Service would like to present "The List". "The List" is comprised of free software that can help you prevent and solve virus, spyware, and malware problems with your PC. You don't need to pay Norton $40 a year to keep your computer clean. There are many free products that offer protection as good as or better than anything Symantec has available.

In addition to antivirus software, "The List" also includes web browsers alternate to Internet Explorer. Traditionally, Internet Explorer has poor web standards support, runs sluggish, and comes complete with a rich history of security flaws. WTF Computer Service champions Google Chrome, but regardless of what browser you use, you should maintain an updated version.

As an added note, you will need to keep Internet Explorer in order to update your Microsoft Windows operating system. We only suggest that you use another browser for your day-to-day web surfing.

Finally, WTF Computer Service's "The List" contains links to help you update specific pieces of software that may affect the security of your system. Included are: Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Update, and Java.

Antivirus Software (Free)
Avira Antivirus
AVG Antivirus
Microsoft Security Essentials
Web Browsers
Google Chrome (recommended)
Mozilla Firefox
Opera Browser
Safari Browser
Misc. Software
Windows Update (requires genuine Windows)
Acrobat Reader (for PDF files)
Flash Player